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Data for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were collected interdependently  by the team at HAPRI since the beginning of the pandemic. Otherwise note that the institute relies upon publicly available data from multiple sources, that do not always agree. Take notice when use. Please refer to HAPRI's Open Access Database Repository.


All the data and its by-products herein, including all sub-data, mapping, and analysis, copyright 2020 Health and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, all rights reserved, is provided to the public strictly for educational and academic research purposes. However, the use of data for Vietnam in other purpose than personal use for educational purpose must be approved by the Institute prior to publication. The use of this data in commerce is strictly prohibited.



All data can be streamed free of charge from our public repository on GitHub:

or from links in the table below in various formats.

Various countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, ...) has data available at the individual level (detail information for each COVID-19 case). Consult Dr. Thắng Võ for access right to these data.

Contact: for academic cooperation opportunities and for technical issues.

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Data Application

Our work has been featured in the COVID-19 Tracker Map by HERE Technologies, one of the largest tech companies in mapping and location service in the world, as we are providing COVID-19 situation data for the Indochina region of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia at the sub-national level.

HAPRI is responsible for Indochina (Việt Nam, Laos, Cambodia) and Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines provincial and state level COVID-19 data.

In the press:


Data Illustration

 In this section, we provide examples of how the data can be visualized through mapping with examples for confirmed cases in the U.S. by state and county, in Vietnam at the provincial level.


The raw image for creating each of the map can be retrieved by clicking on the map itself.

Note: the data is still incomplete, which explains the missing of some counties in the maps, as well as various errors deep within the data. Therefore, the example for illustration purposes only, you can re-use it elsewhere but at your own risk. However, we are working with the data team at John Hopkins University to improve data accuracy, and the maps will be updated weekly to reflect new changes in the raw data.

Map last update: April 29, 2020

1. Việt Nam


Source: HAPRI Data Intelligence Team


2. United States of America

Source: Data cleaned from John Hopkins repository by HAPRI Data Intelligence Team

3. Australia, Canada, China and Taiwan


3. Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines


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